Aug 4, 2021

Deeds and Research Lead to Discovery of Lost Historic Augusta, Maine Cemetery

“A cemetery with some 45 gravestones lost to time in dense woods off Riverside Drive was recently rediscovered, and contains the graves of both Civil War and Revolutionary War soldiers.

“Gravestones there date back to at least 1801 and the last interment took place there, city officials believe, in 1910. But until recent deeds and other historical research, the city had no record it even existed.

“Among the graves are one of Robert Deniston, a Revolutionary War veteran, whose slate stone remains upright and in remarkably intact and legible condition. Another is the marker of Henry Lyon, a Union soldier who fought in five Civil War battles with the 3rd Maine Infantry Regiment before he was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg. His granite headstone has toppled over and broken into pieces.

“The overgrown and long-neglected cemetery — with no paths or roads leading to it — was rediscovered by Augusta resident Justin Vogel. Vogel and his wife, Amanda, were considering buying a historic Riverside Drive house once owned by the Lawson family, which has multiple gravestones in the old cemetery.

You can read more in an article by Keith Edwards published in the Kennebec Journal at:

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