Mar 8, 2021

“Deep Nostalgia” Animated Family Photos Top the App Store

An article in the TechCrunch web site describes the success of’s latest offering, referring to it as “Deep Nostalgia.” The new app has had more than In only 11 days, millions of people have created 26 million animations using Deep Nostalgia™!

Here are 2 such “before and after” photos : The photo son the left shows the original black-and-whit still photos and the one on the right shows the same photo after automatic conversion by MyHeritage’s “Deep Nostalgia” software.

This groundbreaking new photo feature allows you to animate the faces of your loved ones in still photos and has taken the internet by storm.

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The article states:

“MyHeritage’s recently launched update that lets users animate their old photos helped to send the app to the top of the App Store this week. The company had last week introduced “Deep Nostalgia” — a facial animation feature powered by technology from Israeli tech company (and TechCrunch Battlefield alum) D-ID. To animate the photos, the tech maps the facial features from the photo to a driver video to create what it calls a “live portrait.”

You can find the article at: and then scroll down to the second article in that column.

You can also read more details about the “Deep Nostalgia” Animated Family Photos” in the MyHeritage Blog at