Jul 12, 2023

Discover York History: 100 Years of York County, Maine Newspapers Are Now Online

Thanks to a generous grant from the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, 100 years’ worth of the York Weekly and other town newspapers have been completely digitized.

York Public Library, in partnership with Old York Historical Society, Advantage Preservation, and York Weekly, recently announced the long-awaited unveiling of the York History Digital Archive.

For decades, the Old York Historical Society has preserved the town newspaper collection by microfilming it. The film is not indexed, however, and the only way to view it was to go page by page.

“York Public Library, with their expertise in digital technology, is opening a door to unprecedented discovery of York’s history,” said Joel Lefever, executive director & chief curator at Old York Historical Society. “There’s nothing like a local newspaper, at all, for giving you a real good picture of what was important in a community, what was going on, who the personalities were.”

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