Sep 15, 2022

Embark Founded to Assess Various Dogs’ Genealogy

OK, so this article certainly IS about genealogy although certainly not the sort of genealogy normally featured here:

Embark, a canine DNA testing company founded in 2015 by brothers Ryan and Adam Bokyo in Cornell’s Incubator for Life Science Companies, is now taking strides in studies of the canine genome. With the swab of a dog’s cheek, Embark can provide information about the dog’s genetic risk factors and ancestry. 

Embark is working on building a data set of cutting edge genetic information of dogs for research purposes, while simultaneously helping dog owners accumulate as much knowledge about their dog’s health as possible.

“Our message is that we can help owners take the best care of their dog with preventable issues that could come up and help owners maximize the time and quality of time they get to spend with their dog,” said founder and Chief Executive Officer Ryan Boyko. 

Embark has made landmark discoveries in the field of canine genetics such as inbreeding depression in golden retrievers, blue eye coloration in huskies and hearing loss in rhodesian ridgebacks. 

You can read more in an article by Brooke Greenfield published in The Cornell Daily Sun web site at: