Advanced DNA: Dr. Greg Liverman

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GEDmatch ( is a free, web-based collection of tools for matching autosomal test results and analyzing the matches. It is arguably the most useful set of tools for matching and match analysis. These tools are extremely useful and save a lot of time when detailed match analysis is required. The use and understanding of GEDmatch is considered an essential skill for any serious genetic genealogist.

GEDmatch accepts autosomal test datasets from all DNA testing companies.

This lecture will provide an overview of GEDmatch and a demonstration of GEDmatch tools that are the most useful for the genetic genealogist.

We will use the new Genesis set of tools.


This advanced DNA class is a four hour class with a lunch break. There are several nearby restaurants within 1/2 mile.

Attendees should have tested at one of the major companies (AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe or MyHeritage) and have had some experience with identifying matches. They should have a working knowledge of autosomal DNA science and the matching tools at the company at which they tested.

Students should have a GEDmatch account (free at ) and have uploaded at least one set of test data prior to coming to class.

It is recommended that attendees bring a laptop to the lecture so they can practice using GEDmatch during the lecture on their own GEDmatch account.

Presenter Bio: Greg Liverman

         Greg Liverman

Greg Liverman, Ph.D., began tracing his family history in the 1990’s with an old Macintosh computer and a copy of Family Tree Maker. At that time, family and career pursuits did not leave much time for genealogy work. He was finally able to return to charting his family history in 2009. Greg quickly realized that he could bring to bear all the analytical and problem solving skills he had developed in over forty years of working as a journalist, scientist and business manager.

Living on a ranch on the western slopes of Pikes Peak means there are few libraries nearby, so Greg has become adept at using online resources for both domestic and foreign research. He has researched his family history “on the ground” in libraries, cemeteries and records offices in seven states, with more on the list to visit. He has experience in using various techniques, based on the careful application of reasonand logic, to successfully break down “brick walls”.

Greg and his wife Wendy added genetic genealogy or DNA testing to their brick wall demolition toolkit in 2013 and have immersed themselves in the details of DNA tests and evaluation methods. They have answered several questions about their family history using DNA evidence.

Greg recently launched Pinewood Genealogy to help people with their genealogy research and genetic genealogy analysis.

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