Analyzing Your Ancestry DNA: Glenn York

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Class Description 

Have you done a DNA test with AncestryDNA? Are you getting the most from your results? Are you confused by some of the new tools and reports that Ancestry is providing?

This class will help you get the most out of your AncestryDNA test results. Your test provides a lot of information to help advance your family history research. This class will explore the various parts of your test results and the tools provided by Ancestry to analyze the results. DNA expert and President Glenn York will look at the reports provided and discuss how you can use these reports to find family members and advance your research. We will also discuss the settings you can use to get the most from your testing money.

Glenn will discuss how to contact your matches and collaborate to share and compare information about common ancestors. We will discuss some of the third party tools that can help you further analyze your results. While this class focuses on AncestryDNA, if you have taken a genealogy DNA tests at other companies the tools maybe different and the results may be displayed differently, but most companies provide similar tools and results. He will also discuss how you can copy your AncestryDNA results to other testing companies to access additional analysis tools and find additional relativities.

Glenn York

Presenter’s Bio :
Glenn was born in Iowa and grew up all over the Midwest. After 21 years in the Air Force he moved to Fort Collins in 1992. After a career was in technology working in electronics, computers, and managing large computer security programs Glenn retired in 2016.

Most of his ancestors came to colonial America from western Europe and the UK. Over the past 300 plus years his ancestors migrated west through Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa to homestead in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Glenn has combined technology and genealogy for over 30 years. He started doing genealogy about 1983, when he was stationed near Washington DC learning genealogy in the Library of Congress, National Archives, DAR library, and Suitland Records center. He has researched in numerous states, county, and local facilities throughout the mid-west.

His current focus is on genetic genealogy. He took his first DNA test in 2006. He now manages DNA tests with four testing companies for over 25 different family members. He has attended many presentations on genetic genealogy including Roots Tech 2016 and 2017 and local Genealogical societies. He completed the DNA Boot Camp: Practical Applications at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy in January 2017.

He currently leads the monthly DNA study group for the Larimer County Genealogical Society. He has also got involved with unknown parentage searches and has helped an adoptee find her birth mother and a Vietnam “war baby” find her father.

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