Analyzing Your Medical History Using Your Genealogy DNA Results with Leslie Ross

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This FREE two hour class will be held in the large meeting room at the Council Tree Library in Fort Collins.

Class Description

Have you wondered if you have a higher medical risk with all those complex diseases? If you recently had a genealogy DNA test done at one of the four major genelaogy DNA labs in the U.S., it’s possible to have your medical history reviewed by a genetics counselor. Our DNA speaker Leslie Ross, a genetics counselor, will present genetic counseling and genetic testing in individuals with cancer or with a family history of cancer or other diseases.

You will learn about the technology used to do genetic testing in a clinical setting and how that technology compares to the technology used for direct-to-consumer genetic testing like 23andMe,, or You will also learn about the limitations of genetic testing for ancestry or health information through direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Finally, you will better understand when the results of a direct-to-consumer test indicate a need for genetic counseling and confirmation genetic testing.

This class won’t analyze your specific medical risks, but shows how the process works and what kind of DNA results will show your medical risks with several examples. Leslie will offer costs for analyzing your medical history provided by UC Health.

Speaker Bio

Leslie Ross, MS & CGC

Leslie Ross, MS & CGC

Leslie Ross is a board-certified genetic counselor, practicing in oncology at UCHealth in Northern Colorado. Leslie received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Carroll College in Helena, Montana and a Masters of Science in Genetic Counseling degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

Prior to UCHealth, Leslie worked for Quest Diagnostics for 10 years, doing primarily cytogenetics laboratory genetic counseling and at Genetic Consultants in Rockville, MD, doing prenatal and oncology genetic counseling.

Leslie lives in Fort Collins and has three wonderful children.

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