Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Good Samaritan Society

508 W. Trilby Rd, Fort Collins


Election of 2019 Officers

Adoption of Bylaw Revisions (sent out with Oct/Nov Newsletter)

Recognition of long time members

Presentation: Cousins, Cousins Everywhere: How many cousins do YOU have?

by Tammie Gregori

Connecting with cousins can be one of the fun aspects of genealogy, both to meet new people and to potentially share new information or photos about an ancestor in common. Most of us know our first cousins, and sometimes some or all of our second cousins. But how many third cousins do you have? Or fourth, or fifth, or sixth? When those more distant cousins show up as matches on your DNA tests, do you know how they are related? Cousin research, or descendant research, is starting with an ancestral couple, say 2nd great-grandparents, and trying to identify all their descendants (at least to your generation – your third cousins in this case) and can be a very beneficial way to work on your family tree.

Tammie Gregori began doing genealogy in January 2014 and joined the Larimer County Genealogical Society soon after. Genealogy has become her passion and favorite pastime. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Iowa State University in Botany and a Master’s Degree from the University of Minnesota in Plant Breeding and Genetics. She worked for a time in the Recombinant DNA Lab at the University of Iowa doing genetic research. Some of that research resulted in a patent from which she enjoyed royalties for 17 years.