April’s Program: History of Larimer County – From Its Graves With Susan and Duane Kniebes

Duane Susan Kniebes
Susan and Duane Kniebes (pictured above) will present “History of Larimer County Graves and Using Dowsing Rods.” This is their third time at our society presenting this interesting program since 2002. Susan and Duane have presented this program multiple times at many other societies, libraries, and museums throughout Colorado.

They are the authors of their new three volume book set about existing and forgotten cemeteries and burials in Larimer County, “Cemeteries and Remote Graves of Larimer County, Colorado, Vols I, II and III.” Susan will discuss an overview of the book with several interesting stories about some of the burials. (Note-these books were recently added to the Genealogy Reference section of the Old Town Library, Fort Collins)

Duane will show how to locate burials and determine gender using dowsing rods in this spellbinding presentation. He will use audience participation on how easy most anyone can use the dowsing rods.

Their new three volume books provides the location, description, and history of the 158 graves, cemeteries, and memorials found in Larimer County between 1999 and 2013 along with information on how they learned about and then found each location. In many cases, the chapters also include genealogy information on the individuals buried or memorialized at each site and/or on the historical owners of the property containing the site.

Duane and Susan will have copies of their latest books available for sale at our meeting or genealogists can order their books from Irongate Publishing.

Susan received her degree in English with minors in French and library science. After graduation, she began working for the Institute of Gas Technology as a Technical Editor and ended her time there in 1982 as Associate Director of Technical Communications. Between 1982 and 1985, she served as the Director of Technical Services for a large Chicago law firm. In 1985, Susan and Duane moved to Boulder, Colorado, where Susan worked as a Senior Support Planner for a technology company in Boulder, a Senior Communications Specialist for a medical equipment company in Lakewood, and finally as a Project Manager for several translations agencies in Boulder before her retirement in December 1999.

In addition to making numerous internal presentations and creating a wide variety internal or customer documents for her employers, Susan also published and/or presented over 20 papers or articles, 4 of which received Outstanding Paper or Outstanding Article awards from the Society for Technical Communications. Like Duane, Susan has long been interested in researching the genealogy of her ancestors, all of whom were early settlers in Texas, some arriving there from the U.S. when Texas was still part of Mexico.

Duane is a retired chemist and physicist with degrees in both fields. Duane joined the staff as a chemist at the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT) on the campus of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. He remained at IGT until he retired in 1984, with his last position there being as an Assistant Vice President. Duane is the author of 47 technical publications including 5 patents.

In 1985, Duane and Susan moved to Boulder, Colorado, where Duane continued his consulting activities and spent time researching his family tree, which led to his becoming President of the Colorado Chapter of Palatines to America, an organization for individuals researching their German-speaking ancestors. He was also past chair of the Colorado Cemetery Location Project for the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies.

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