Class: DNA and Your Genealogy

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Do you have a brickwall? Can’t connect a suspected ancestor to your family tree? Try DNA to make the connection or verification to your family tree!

Instructor Bob Larson (pictured above) will explain how DNA and genetic genealogy (simplified presentation) can help match your suspected ancestor to an existing family line (provided other DNA samples exist for other family members in the national databases) or even finding new ancestors. He will discuss the three most popular DNA tests for genealogists, DNA testing process, DNA costs, U.S. testing labs, national DNA databases, DNA comparisons on his ancestors and what to expect and not to expect from DNA tests. Handouts will be available.

Bob is a technologist, author, genealogy column writer, genealogy instructor, and speaks at different societies and conferences on technical subjects.

Public is welcome to attend. Bring your relatives or friends who are interested in learning about how DNA can help you find your ancestors.


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