Colonial Study Group – research of the Colonial Period, early immigration in the 1600’s until our country became the United States

The Group presently meets online on ZOOM, the second Monday of each month, from 10 am-Noon.

The Colonial Group actively works on genealogical research of the Colonial Period from early immigration in the 1600’s until our country became the United States. We address how to overcome challenges of tracing colonial ancestors, colonial history & social timelines, identifying resources, learning history of the original 13 colonies and their towns, look at immigration and migration, and address issues such as: Why our ancestors and/or their family might have suddenly disappeared? Where and why did they go? How did they get there? And, how do I find people when there are no records? The Colonial Group is educational, helpful and interesting.

Our next meeting: May 9, from 10-Noon on Zoom.

Colonial Group will focus on new skills for researching colonial ancestors and our ‘LCGS Colonial Challenge’. If you want to get an idea of what our LCGS Colonial Challenge will look like, go to YouTube and watch the ‘WikiTree Challenge’. Watch their videos. They are good. Then join the Colonial Group to set up your own Colonial Challenge. The purpose of our Challenge is to help break down brick walls, learn about colonial research methods, make our research more accurate and complete, and have fun.

For more information on the Colonial Group, please contact:

Ken Horne:
Karen Wente:

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