Conference for a Cause

2018 Conference for a Cause





Dr. Jones, co-editor of NGSQ since 2002 and past APG board member, BCG trustee, and president, teaches at BU, IGHR, and SLIG. With over forty years of research and teaching experience, he frequently lectures, teaches, and writes about genealogical methodology. His interests include “blocked” lineages and genealogical problem solving.



Finding  “Unfindable” Ancestors

The failure of common research practices to identify ancestors does not mean they are unfindable. This session will describe and demonstrate nine approaches to locating difficult- to- trace ancestors

Systematically Using Autosomal DNA Test Results to Help Break Through Genealogical Brick Wall

A case study set in the early 1800s demonstrates methodology for using autosomal DNA test results to help solve longstanding genealogical problems.

What is the Standard of Proof in Genealogy?

The presentation will explain the Genealogical Proof Standard, its five elements, and how each contributes to convincing proof. Examples will demonstrate the standard’s application to simple and complex situations that genealogists frequently encounter. It will answer the question, “How much evidence is enough for proof?”

Maximizing Your Use of Evidence

When researchers analyze and compare sources, they go far beyond what surface information tells them. The resulting evidence can solve simple and complex genealogical problems. Numerous examples will show participants how they can discover many layers of genealogical evidence and use it to advance their family histories.