DNA Study Group

6:00-7:00            (Optional) one-on-one help.  Bring your DNA results or questions about planning your tests and we will look at your results and help you analyze the data and plan your next steps.

7:00-8:00              “Ask us anything about genetic Genealogy”  We will try something different this month.  We will encourage everyone to share some of their successes and challenges with genetic genealogy.  Have you found cousins that have helped you further your research?  Do you have DNA results that don’t seem to fit with what you know about the family?  Are you stuck on a DNA match and need some help understanding the next step?  Glenn York and other knowledgeable people will try to answer your questions.  Any questions we cannot answer will be researched and addressed further in the July meeting.

8:00-8:30              Q&A and room cleanup

Group leader is Glenn York.  Email Contact: