German Study Group

What we do: A partial list of topics is: translation, understanding BMD records, reasons for immigration/history, immigration records, etc. They will also have speakers.

Our June 6th meeting will discuss Cyndi’s List. Cyndi’s List provides you about 338,000 links that point you to genealogical research sites online. These links are cross-referenced in about 225 categories and more than 43,000 individual sub-categories. This presentation will provide you guidance and tips on how best to use Cyndi’s list to assist you in doing your genealogical research. It will provide details about how to best navigate the site.

One of the nice features of Cyndi’s list is that the links don’t just take you to the home page of the various research web sites, it takes you inside the web site to the exact template or page that provides you with access to the information you are seeking.

Because the presentation is for the Germany Study Group, many of the examples will pertain to doing German research; but the presentation should be of interest to all genealogists, not just those doing German research. The first part of the presentation will be Power Point explaining the structure of Cyndi’s list and showing examples of how to use some of the more important categories/sub-categories and the types of information you can expect to find. The final part of the presentation will be a live guided tour of Cyndi’s list demonstrating many of these features.

Leader: Del Ritchhart <german@lcgsco.orgFor more up to date information, contact Del

Meetings:  The study group meets on the 1st Saturday at 10:30 AM via Zoom teleconference only.

Contact Group Leader on how to join and receive the Zoom access instructions.

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