German Study Group

What we do: A partial list of topics is: translation, understanding BMD records, reasons for immigration/history, immigration records, etc. They will also have speakers.

Leader: Del Ritchhart <

Meetings:  The study group will meet on the 2nd Saturday in Janmuary at 10:30 AM via Zoom only.

Contact Group Leader on how to join and receive the Zoom online info.

Our speaker for the January 9 German Study Group meeting will be Barbara Stanculescu. Barbara will be speaking on the use of the German Genealogy Web Site, Archion; an extensive online data base of German Church records—primarily Lutheran. She will be using some names and locations provided by our German Study Group members to demonstrate use of the site.

Barbara Stanculescu

Barbara was born in Germany and is a member of the San Diego Genealogical Society’s German Interest Group. She was very active in the 2019 International German Genealogical Partnership (IGGP) Conference in Sacramento, heading up the Translation Services that were provided. She will also be providing similar services for the July 2021 IGGP Virtual Conference.

Visitors are welcome. Please contact Del at email: to be added to his monthly email list and receive any handouts and the Zoom access info.

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