German Study Group

Members and visitors are welcome to join this group! To register for this meeting, please send an email to Del at

This month’s meeting is an “in-person” meeting on October 9.  It will be a repeat of the German Food “Pot-Luck” that we had two years ago while meeting at Good Samaritan.  Since Good Samaritan is not yet allowing public events in their facility, we will have it at 55Resort.  It is located about ½ miles south of Good Samaritan at 500 Apex Drive in Windsor, off County Road 17.  That is where we currently live and it has a large kitchen area with adequate seating for our group.  It has an oven, microwave, refrigerator and serving utensils.  Plates, napkins, eating utensils, and beverages will be provided.  When you enter the front door, proceed directly ahead toward the fireplace and the kitchen is on the right.

In conjunction with the “Pot-Luck” we will be having a German Research Book sharing.  If you have one or two favorite German Research Books, you are encouraged to bring them so that other members can become aware of them.  We will have a table to place the books on so others can browse through them.  Please put your name inside the book to help ensure you get them back and facilitate others discussing the book with you.  Address labels work well for that purpose.  Please also bring several copies of the title page of the book to share with members who might be interested in acquiring a copy of your book or researching it further.  We will also make a master list of all the books that are brought and share it with all German Study Group members.  

For safety reasons we ask that only members who have either already had COVID or been vaccinated attend the event.  There are many differing opinions on proper safety protocols associated with COVID, but the group has generally agreed this was a prudent measure.

For planning purposes, if you plan to come please by email Del at