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Program Summary
Do you have tough questions about researching your German ancestors? This talk will provide practical tips for what to do when you get stuck and is based on my personal experience researching my own German families and helping others with their German research.

Using your research questions, our speaker will provide her research process and show the search strategies and online resources she uses to solve German genealogy puzzles. Her presentation will focus on collections of free digitized German materials and indexes available on the internet, although pay sites are also included. Many of the websites she’ll present are based in Germany, so tips and tricks for navigating them will also be included.

The nice feature of her presentation, is that she will demonstrate how to do the research using German research cases that we submit. Thus, we need you all to submit some of your German research cases for which you need assistance.

Remember to state what information you are trying to find about your person of interest” and provide as much information in the form of “dates, places and immediate family” as you can about the individual. Nancy will not necessarily solve every case submitted; but will try to suggest sources that you should research to find answers. Obviously, the number of cases she will be able to address will depend on how many are submitted. To give her as much time to prepare as possible, please submit your cases to me soonest.

Speaker Profile

German Researcher Nancy Myers

Originally from Michigan, Nancy has been living near Dortmund, Germany since 2001. Together with her husband – also an avid genealogist – she coordinates the Ahnenforscher Stammtisch in Unna in Westphalia. She serves on the board of the Genealogisch-heraldische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Roland zu Dortmund and is a member of the Verein für Computer Genealogie and the Westfälische Gesellschaft für Genealogie und Familienforschung. I also volunteer in the Dortmund Family History Center, and am a past board member of the International German Genealogy Partnership.

Nancy has been passionately researching her family history in the US and Germany for nearly 30 years and know from personal experience the joys – and many challenges – genealogists experience when researching their German ancestors. That experience has convinced her that the most valuable resource in any “German Genealogy Toolbox” is a wide and diverse network of fellow researchers who are willing to work together collaboratively.

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