May Program: “ Listening to the Voices of our Ancestors”

Our May 19 program begins at 6:30 pm. Visitors (not LCGS members) need to register below to receive the Zoom info and handout.

President Glenn York provides a brief overview of our society with the latest committee reports followed by tonight’s program.

Program Information
The topic for the monthly meeting will be “Listening to the Voices of our Ancestors – Going Beyond Coincidence and Synchronicity to Develop your Intuitive Genealogical Abilities”.

When it comes to genealogy and discovering details about the lives of our ancestors, we tend to chalk similar experiences up to coincidence and luck. But is that all it is? Or is it something more? Through a series of extraordinary experiences with ancestors visiting her in dreams, and through heightened senses and feelings of inexplicable knowing, author Megan Reilly Koepsell came to realize that her ancestors were reaching out to her. In her presentation for Larimer County Genealogical Society on May 19, 2022, Megan will share experiences featured in her best-selling book “Listening to the Voices of Our Ancestors: A Practical Manual for Developing Your Intuitive Genealogical Abilities.”  She will also give practical advice for helping to develop your own intuitive genealogical abilities to become aware of how your own ancestors might be working in your own research and life.

Speaker Profile

Megan Reilly Koepsell is originally from Wisconsin and has lived in Highlands Ranch since 1998.  She has had a life-long interest in family history and has been spending nearly every spare moment doing genealogy for over ten years.  Her ancestors began reaching out to her to find them in her genealogical searches shortly after she began getting involved in genealogy, which she shares in her new book, “Listening to the Voices of Our Ancestors: A Practical Manual for Developing Your Intuitive Genealogical Abilities.” Megan is a regular presenter on genealogical programs in the Denver Metro area.  She previously served as both past president and Vice President/Program Chair for the Highlands Ranch Genealogical Society as well as the Members’ Interest Surnames chairperson for WISE. 

                                                 Megan Reilly Koepsell

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