Program: Naturalization Records by Joan Grady

Our April 15 program begins at 6:30 pm. Visitors (not LCGS members) need to register below to receive the Zoom info and handout.

Program Information
President Glenn York provides a brief overview of our society with the latest committee reports followed by tonight’s topic on Naturalization Records.

Naturalization records are a great source in researching your ancestors. They include records on obtaining citizenship, which yields two to three types of records. Joan’s presentation includes rules and regulations and how to obtain records as well as giving examples of what can be found in these documents which will advance our personal knowledge of our Immigrant forebears will be discussed. If time allows, individual problems from our members will be addressed.

Speaker Profile

Joan Grady

Joan has a PH.D. from the University of Colorado, an M.A. from Columbia University, an MLA from the University of Denver, a B.A. from Hunter College and a Certificate in Family History Research, British Option from Brigham Young University. She has been a teacher, principal, and superintendent in public and private education. She has taught several courses in the Adult Education division of Arapahoe Community College in Colorado. She presently consults in the educational field in addition to her work as speaker, genealogist and destination lecturer. Her articles have appeared in a variety of magazines. She has given presentations on many occasions to local and national groups.

Visitors need to register below to receive the Zoom info and handout. Registration closes at noon on Thursday, April 15.

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