‘Neanderthals In Our Family Tree: How Are We Related and What Were They Like?’ with Paul Opler

Paul Opler

Dr. Opler will cover the history of our changing concepts about Neanderthal man and some of the evidence on which our ideas were based. The more evidence we see the more Neanderthals seem to be more similar to us and less like the hump-backed hairy brute as they were first portrayed! Dr. Opler will talk about how we have come to know about the genetics of Neanderthals, how the DNA of Neanderthal was sequenced, and how their DNA is compared to ours.


Paul received his doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley in 1970 where he had palaeontology as one of his qualifying fields. He has been working on his genealogy since 2010 and has read a number of books on Palaeoanthropology. He has submitted samples of his DNA to Family tree DNA, Ancestry DNA and 23 and me; he is keenly interested in our relationship with Neanderthal. 


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