‘Placed Out: Orphan Trains for Eastern Cities’ Deluge of “Street Arabs”‘ with Sharon Danhauer

Sharon Danhauer - small

Sharon will tell us about the Christian organizations in the 1800’s that were established to place urban street urchins, often immigrant children, in adoptive and foster homes in the West. Over 150,000 children were placed out in several western states over the 75 years the system was in operation. Colorado received 1,500 Orphan Train riders, who now have thousands of descendants.


Sharon is a local historian and member of the Board of Directors of the Loveland Historical Society and also for many years, the Berthoud Historical Society as well. Sharon is trained to conduct oral history interviews, recorded and/or transcribed, she is fully equipped to produce quality transcriptions from tapes or manuscripts. She owns and operates “Danhauer’s Historical Service” in Loveland, Colorado.

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