Program: Writing Your Memoirs With Jean Messinger

Join us to learn tips and ideas for writing our own life story. Well known local author, Jean Messinger, hopes to inspire and motivate people to write their memoirs, as it is very important to leave a recorded account of their lives—for family, friends, or anyone who chances to see it. People tend to think that their lives were ordinary and not worth the attention. But “ordinary” people meet extraordinary challenges of “ordinary” life—illness, loss, change, and adversity, besides accomplishment and the positive rewards of good relationships, vocational satisfaction, etc.

Jean Messinger 2009

Jean Messinger Biography:

Author Jean Messinger was born and raised in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, graduated from Lawrence College in Appleton, Wisconsin, and has lived in Colorado since 1952. Colorado Springs was home to Jean and her husband for nearly forty years. After teaching school for several years, at age fifty, she earned a master’s degree in art and architectural history from Denver University. She considers herself doubly blessed to live in Colorado near her large extended family, which includes seven grandchildren.


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