September’s Program: Female Presidents That Rocked The World with Preethi Fernando

Preethi Fernando

Female presidents have restored the economy of countries to prosperity, brought about peace, been commander in chief, and most of all, brought about togetherness in the nucleus of any society, the family unit. Although many countries around the world have produced female leaders, such as Bandaranayake from Sri Lanka, Merkel from Germany, and Bhutto from Pakistan, America has surprisingly not. Victoria Woodhull ran for the US Presidency in 1872. She was jailed and ostracized from America.

Preethi Fernando (Shown above) grew up in Sri Lanka. She has been writing since she was seven years old. She studied music in Boston, primarily piano, and is particularly interested in playing at events for seniors. Ms Fernando came to Colorado as a student at the Aspen Music Festival several years ago and has lived here ever since. She is a graduate of Tufts University, Boston.

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