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This technology program on Emergency Backups (Disaster Preparedness) & Assigning Your Genealogy Research to Family Members After Your Passing is on January 12 at 7 pm on our Zoom channel!

Program Information
Leader Bob Larson provides an introduction and present a class on four areas on archival safekeeping in your home, saving files for emergency backup during a disaster, to go containers, and who do I leave my genealogy files after I’m gone? After seeing all the recent destruction of tornadoes, floods, and wildfires, have you considered on saving your precious family documents and genealogy files. Or who to pass your genealogy research to in your family after you have passed away?

After seeing the recent destruction of homeowners having less than 15 minutes to evacuate their homes, do you have a container that you can take with you of your genealogy research when you flee your home for survival purposes or save it on the cloud for safe storage if your computer is destroyed. Bob will discuss three options for emergency backup.

Another important issue many genealogists forget is to assign their genealogy research to another family member or archive after your untimely death! Bob will provide several options on what to do with your important genealogy research after your passing.

Group Leader Info

Bob Larson

Bob was a former systems engineer and certified instructor for Motorola Inc. He is currently our society’s Education Chair and Video-Web Committee Chair. He has been researching his genealogy for over 20 years.

If you want to know about how technology works with your genealogy research, join our monthly meetings! We are an interactive group as members tell about using their favorite technologies in their genealogy research.

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