Technology Study Group – How Using the New AI Search Engines Will Help Genealogists!

On March 8 at 7 pm on Zoom, our technology study group will discuss “The Future in Search Engines Using Artificial Intelligence for Genealogists”

Program Description
Microsoft and Google just announced their latest AI driven search engines. How can this new technology help genealogists? Bob will discuss Microsoft’s new ChatGPT and Google’s BART search engines. Besides a brief presentation, Bob will show several videos on this latest technology and how it helps genealogists!

Advancements in AI chatbot technologies have recently dominated discussions in the tech industry. First, it was Microsoft-backed ChatGPT that shook the internet with news in February of its release and the potential integration with Microsoft’s search engine Bing. In the wake of these recent developments, Google has decided to respond with its version of an AI chatbot called Bard. How will they help genealogists on their research? Join us to find out!

Group Leader Info

Bob Larson

Bob was a former systems engineer and certified instructor for Motorola Inc. He is currently our society’s Education Chair and Video-Web Committee Chair. He has been researching his genealogy for over 22 years.

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