Technology Study Group – Timelines in Genealogy

This next technology program on Photo Editing Methods is on May 11 at 7 pm on our Zoom channel!

Program Information:
Timelines in Genealogy
An old trend is adding timelines to your family history to make your story more appealing to your relatives. There are multiple timelines that can be used including your personal timeline, historical timeline, geographical timeline, or even your family timeline depending on your preferences.

Presenter Profile

Jean Poland

Jean is a member of our society and a technologist herself. Born in Laramie, Wyoming, Jean has lived in most of her life in Colorado, an also spent some time in New Jersey and California for work. She has been researching her family history in the United States, Canada and Germany for about seven years. She started her genealogy research as entertainment in the evening when her job took her to Salt Lake City every week for almost 2 years in the 1980’s with one 3” by 5” index card of everything our mother knew. After that time, Jean took thirty years off and started again in 2015.

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