Technology Study Group – Virtual Reality and Genealogy

Our November 9 at 7 pm, the Technology Study Group class will discuss a new technology for genealogists on our Zoom channel!

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Have you heard of Virtual Reality (VR)? It’s a 10 year old technology coming to genealogists. It’s ideal for looking at your ancestor’s past providing a family history using a head worn video device as shown in the photo below.

Virtual Reality Headset

This may be the future of genealogy according to a professional genealogist in the Netherlands. She indicated, “DNA will be a major factor. A DNA-profile of a historical person can be reconstructed if multiple descendants undergo DNA-testing. We may even be able to determine what happened to this person, by interpreting traces that traumatic events imprint onto our DNA.

It gets really futuristic when we add augmented reality into the mix. In the future, I will be able to walk around the village of my ancestors like a time traveller. I can set the date on my glasses and will see the houses as they were then. If I select movie mode, I can see who lived in a house over time. The physical appearance of the residents is based on their military records and reconstructed DNA.”

The annual RootsTech Conference in Salt Lake City had several VR vendors displaying their VR technology, which would be ideal for local libraries and museums or maybe larger genealogy societies with their own libraries.

Bob will be discussing this exciting new VR technology for genealogists, especially for our younger generations, who love VR technology and games.

Download the White Paper on Virtual Genealogy and Genealogy to be included in Bob’s discussion.

Watch this 50 minute video on Virtual Reality for Genealogists!

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Bob Larson

Bob was a former systems engineer and certified instructor for Motorola Inc. He is currently our society’s Education Chair and Video-Web Committee Chair. He has been researching his genealogy for over 22 years.

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