The Tank Commander with Karen Schutte


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Karen Schutte will give a Power Point Presentation of the final part in her four-book series, TANK COMMANDER. “Arnold Korell (Kessel) leaves home, fresh out of high school. After a short wait in England in 1943, the 81st Tank Battalion, Third Army led by generals Patton and Hodges is baptized by fire in Normandy.  Schutte describes her writing, “this is a book about war, about one boy who left home and after two years in the daily hell of war, returned as a haunted, internally damaged man.


This novel contains some profanity as used by the soldiers in WWII. I didn’t think it would be authentic or real if the tankers, looking through their periscopes and spotting 3 German Tiger tanks approaching their inadequate Sherman tank, said, “Golly gee, here come 3 Tigers!”  I knew this man, my uncle and I remember how tormented by memories he was, esp. after serving in the Korean War as well as WWII. It was a very difficult book for me to write, but I was blessed have his ‘daily log’ as my footprint. The pictures I selected for this PPP will visually demonstrate what Arnold did and saw.” Thank you.



A Wyoming native and graduate of UW, Karen Wamhoff Schutte was born and raised on a farm in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Schutte practiced as a professional interior designer for twenty-five years; retiring in 2004 she took up the pen to record her family’s stories of immigration. She always loved to write and was constantly intrigued with history and how it affected our lives. This unintended journey of becoming a writer led to her first historical novel, THE TICKET, followed by SEED OF THE VOLGA, FLESH ON THE BONE, and her newest and 4th novel, TANK COMMANDER—a series about her maternal side of the family.

All four books are for sale after the presentation and can be ordered through her website . Schutte is working on a new series, her paternal history, beginning with THE GERMAN YANKEE. She hopes to release in late, 2018.

Karen and her husband Mike live in Fort Collins, Colorado.


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