Class: Using Ancestry’s Database, Family Trees, Message Boards, and Other Features

Meets 9:30am – 12:30pm

Loveland Library – Gertrude Scott Room


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Class Description:

Larimer County Genealogical Society is pleased to present this FREE class on “Using Ancestry’s Website.” The class will comprise of using the world’s largest online database with over 18 billion records in 32,750 databases, creating or accessing 80 million family trees, and over 300 million photos. The instructor will review the Library edition versus the multiple home editions.

In addition, the instructor will review the family trees, and extensive learning library with lots of genealogy articles and videos to supplement your research. Plus optional videos in their Academy paid section.

Ancestry also has a collaborative section on message boards that date back to 1991. Many genealogists use the message board to communicate with cousins on finding their ancestors.

The instructor will not review the DNA section as our society had a class on “Using Ancestry’s DNA Database” last May. We will repeat that class next year.

The large screen will show the different live views of Ancestry’s website.

Presenter Bio: Karen Wente

      Karen Wente

Karen West Wente is the instructor for this class. She is also on LCGS’ Education Committee and a genealogy volunteer at Johnstown Library. She has been researching her genealogy for over 10 years.





Everyone that is interested in genealogy or family history is welcome!
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