Jul 12, 2023

Evernote Lays Off Most of Staff, Triggering Fears of Closure

I have been a big fan of Evernote for many years, mentioning the product many timers in previous articles in this newsletter. (See for an index of the many articles where I have mentioned Evernote.) Sadly, the product appears to have fallen on hard times.

I have become disillusioned with Evernote over the past year or so for several reasons and am now considering switching to something else. 

The following is a brief article published in the web site at:

“Evernote, the note-taking and task management application, is triggering fears of closure after its parent company Bending Spoon laid off most of the company’s staff and announced plans to relocate all operations to Europe. Thurrott reports:

Most of the company’s “operations will be transitioned to Europe,” Bending Spoons CEO Luca Ferrari told SFGate, due to the “significant boost in operational efficiency that will come as a consequence of centralizing operations in Europe.” As a result, most of Evernote’s staff in the San Francisco Bay area and Chile has been laid off and those offices will be closed for good. 

“Bending Spoons won’t confirm how many Evernote employees it laid off, but Ferrari claims all is well. “Our plans for Evernote are as ambitious as ever,” he said. “Going forward, a growing, dedicated team based in Europe will continue to assume ownership of the Evernote product. This team will also be in an ideal position to leverage the extensive expertise and strength of the 400-plus workforce at Bending Spoons, many of whom have been working on Evernote full-time since the acquisition.”

I am now looking at alternative replacements for Evernote. One that looks appealing is Joplin, a freeware open source product that seems to have a lot of enthusiastic users.

Question: Do you use Joplin?

If so, would you drop a comment at the end of this article describing your dissatisfaction (or lack of satisfaction) with Joplin? I certainly would like to know and I suspect quite a few other readers of this newsletter would like to know of your experiences as well.

Joplin may be found at: