Oct 30, 2021

Explore a Fascinating Book of Scottish Witches, New Crime Records and More This Findmypast Friday

The following announcement was written by Findmypast:

Findmypast are conjuring up witchcraft and wrongdoings in Scotland’s past this week. What spine-tingling stories will you discover?

Here’s what’s new on the most frightening Findmypast Friday of the year.

Scotland, Names of Witches 1658

In this small but fascinating collection, you’ll find details on some of those accused of witchcraft in early modern Scotland.

1563’s Witchcraft Act made consorting with witches or taking part in witchcraft a crime punishable by death in Scotland. Around 1,500 people were executed, most of them women, until the last Scottish witch trial in 1727.

Scotland, Court & Criminal Database

Unlock criminals and victims in your Scottish family tree with this detail-rich collection. The records include names, occupations, addresses and information about the crimes.

This resource comprises prison records, precognitions and trial papers from all over Scotland, as well as the Fife Kalendar of Convicts. From fiends and felons to bone-chilling revelations, where will the dark side of your Scottish family story take you?


This week, Findmypast have added 19 new papers, including 13 from Scotland. The latest arrivals include:

Annandale Herald and Moffat News covering 1889-1892

Ayr Observer covering 1844, 1883, 1886-1887, 1889-1890 and 1892

Bridge of Allan Reporter covering 1890-1892

Courier and West-End Advertiser covering 1869-1880

Crieff Journal covering 1891-1892

Dufftown News and Speyside Advertiser covering 1898-1922 and 1935-1961

Edinburgh Evening Dispatch covering 1886-1892, 1894-1895 and 1897

Edinburgh News and Literary Chronicle covering 1848-1863

Evening Gazette (Aberdeen) covering 1882-1883, 1886-1889, and 1891-1892

Glasgow Property Circular and West of Scotland Weekly Advertiser covering 1879, 1883, 1886-1887, and 1890-1891

London and Liverpool Advertiser covering 1847

London News Letter and Price Current covering 1859-1865

London Weekly Investigator covering 1855-1857

North British Advertiser & Ladies’ Journal covering 1879, 1882-1883, 1885-1886, and 1889-1892

Northern Advertiser (Aberdeen) covering 1891-1892

Scottish Leader covering 1888 and 1890-1893

Scottish Press covering 1849-1850, 1852-1854, 1856-1857, 1859-1860 and 1862

Tichborne News and Anti-Oppression Journal covering 1872

Town and Country Advertiser covering 1834-1836

While 15 publications have been updated with extra pages, including:

Aberystwyth Observer from 1898

Greenock Herald from 1853, 1858, 1863, 1868 and 1878

Harborne Herald from 1896

Kentish Weekly Post or Canterbury Journal from 1726-1733, 1735-1741, 1743-1764, and 1767-1768

Kilmarnock Weekly Post and County of Ayr Reporter from 1856-1863

Lynn Advertiser from 1994

Newark Advertiser from 1992

Rhos Herald from 1898

Seren Cymru from 1895

South Wales Argus from 1911

South Wales Weekly Argus and Monmouthshire Advertiser from 1898 and 1910

St. Austell Star from 1897

Stamford Mercury from 1916

Suffolk and Essex Free Press from 1994

Warminster Herald from 1858, 1870-1871, 1875-1876, 1881, and 1885-1886


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