Aug 24, 2022

Extreme Lookalikes May Share Much Deeper Ties Than We Ever Realized

It appears there’s more to a doppelgänger than meets the eye.

DNA analyses of 16 look-alike couples have revealed some unrelated people with super similar faces also have similar heights, weights, habits, and behaviors.

Human resemblance, it would seem, is more than just skin deep.

In the study, 3 different facial recognition algorithms were tasked with scoring the likeness of 32 look-alikes pairs; half were classified as doppelgängers by all 3 algorithms. Researchers then conducted genetic analyses and found 9 pairs of “ultra” look-alikes.

Together, these super doppelgängers share 19,277 common genetic variations in 3,730 genes, many of which are to do with body and facial traits.

Their personal questionnaires suggest they share even more than that.

Some lifestyle features, like smoking habits, weight, and level of education, were also associated with many look-alike pairs.

You can read more in an article by Carly Cassella published in the web site at:

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