Apr 14, 2021

Family Tree presents: The House History Show

Researching the history of one’s house is a very popular project in the United Kingdom, probably because of the number of old and historic houses there. Here is an announcement written by Family Tree Magazine, based in the UK:

    • The House History Show is set to take place online on 15 May, 10am-4.30pm

    • Special online event to feature lectures and webinars from leading team of House Historians

    • Experts include Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan and Melanie Backe-Hansen, consultants for BBC show A House Through Time

    • The full-day show is followed by an online house history lecture series through May and June

    • Find out more at:

‘When was my house built?’ is a question many of us wonder. The House History Show, brought to you by Family Tree and a team of leading house historians, will help researchers of all levels m​​​​aster the skills needed to turn back time and reveal the history of a house, inside and out.

Highlights of the full day programme include:

    • Keynote: A House Through Time – with BBC series A House Through Time
      consultants Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan and Melanie Backe-Hansen

    • Terraced House Tales: New 19th Century Housing and its Occupants with Karen Averby

    • Stepping Sideways: How to Step Round Brick Walls with Gill Blanchard

    • Keynote: Sources for House History with Dr Nick Barratt

    • London: Building Storeys with Ellen Leslie

    • Don’t Judge a House by its Plaque with Cathy Soughton

Helen Tovey, Editor of Family Tree said: “We’re so excited to be working with the #HouseHistoryHour team to bring you the House History Show. Their collective wealth of experience is stunning, and the presentations will shed light on so many aspects of the history of homes and buildings, and the people who once occupied them. The House History Show is sure to fascinate anyone interested in family history, local history – as well as, of course, house history!”

The one-day event will be followed by a series of four lectures exploring the subject of house history further. Topics for the online lectures include Who’s Been Living in My House?, A Virtual View: Online Sources and The Interwar House: From Tenant to Home Owner.

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