Jun 17, 2022

Findmypast Adds Records for St. Vincent, British Naturalisation Records, and Norfolk Cemetery Records

The following press release was written by Findmypast:

Discover Caribbean ancestors and more this Findmypast Friday  

St Vincent, St George’s baptisms 1765-1820  

Brand new to Findmypast this week are around 3,400 baptism records for St Vincent’s most populous parish. The transcriptions usually provide the baptism date, name, and the parents’ names. You may also learn details such as occupations, race and social status. Some language in this collection reflected attitudes of the time and is now understood to be derogatory.  

St Vincent, St George’s marriages 1765-1820 

This next new collection has around 1,500 marriages. You might also spot your British military ancestors marrying in St Vincent around this time. Explore the names of the bride and groom, their residences and the marriage date. 

Britain, Naturalisations 1844-1990 

There are nearly 100,000 records to explore in this new collection. Each transcript contains basic details from a person’s naturalisation certificate. The detail varies, but normally contains: a name; age or date of birth; names of parents; children or spouses; place of origin; and residence.  

Norfolk, Churchyard Graves and Memorial Inscriptions 

Not only have we added a further 140,000 records into this collection, but we’ve now made it fully searchable. Thanks to photographer and Norfolk resident Louise Cocker, those with Norfolk roots can now search and explore headstones of their ancestors


Over 50,000 additional newspaper pages have been added to the newspaper archive this week, including updates to two Welsh titles. 

Updated titles:  

·         Bedfordshire on Sunday, 1990 

·         Birkenhead News, 1992 

·         Birmingham Journal, 1842-1843 

·         Buckinghamshire Examiner, 1991 

·         Cambridge Daily News, 1995 

·         East Grinstead Observer, 1980 

·         East Kent Gazette, 1905 

·         Glamorgan Gazette, 1955-1958, 1960-1971, 1973-1975, 1977-1979 

·         Harlow Star, 1988 

·         Harrow Observer, 1987 

·         Hertford Mercury and Reformer, 1987 

·         Llanelli Star, 1991 

·         Neath Guardian, 1990 

·         Retford, Gainsborough & Worksop Times, 1967 

·         Rugeley Times, 1985 

·         Runcorn Weekly News, 1996 

·         Solihull Times, 1997 

·         Southall Gazette, 1993 

·         Torbay Express and South Devon Echo, 1951 

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