Nov 8, 2022

Funeral Company Offers to Scatter People’s Ashes at Land and Sea Using Drones

A new way of spreading your loved ones’ ashes has been introduced who say they are the first firm to offer a drone service that allows you to scatter ashes over land and sea.

Co-op Funeralcare, a company that operates over 1,000 funeral homes and is the largest funeral director in the United Kingdom, is offering a new experience for families to celebrate their dearly departed by scattering people’s ashes over land and sea by using a drone.

The company say that they are the first firm to offer the new drone service with the machinery possessing four-propeller machines that carries a large black box to drop the ashes where the family wish.

The company say that the service will enable families to drop their loved ones’ ashes in places that are difficult to access, such as rivers and beauty spots.

Gill Stewart, MD of Co-op Funeralcare said: “Cremation has continued to grow at pace as a choice for funerals.

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