Nov 15, 2021

Genealogy Blogs from Around the World (and Why They’re Valuable)

Family Tree Magazine has published an article that will interest many genealogists: “Genealogy Blogs from Around the World (and Why They’re Valuable).”

“Starting family history research in another country is like traveling there for the first time. You don’t know the nuances of record-keeping, the ins and outs of repositories, or even how to read the country’s records. It can help to have a friendly local as your guide. Where can you find such a guide? Try the international geneablogging scene. Amateurs and experts from Argentina to Australia, British Columbia to the British Isles note their successes, tips and techniques in genealogy weblogs, or ‘geneablogs.’ In this whirlwind world tour, we’ll introduce you to 40 fantastic international blogs, and help you find, read and use them in your research.”

You can find the article written by Sunny Jane Morton at

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