May 19, 2021

Genealogy Experts Try to Identify Woman Found Dead in Portland, Maine in 2015

Here is an opportunity to exercise your detective skills and to possible solve (or at last to help solve) a crime. A group of genetic genealogy enthusiasts is trying to find the identity of a woman who was found dead in a Portland, Maine park in 2015.

The woman is Asian, probably Korean. When her body was discovered, she was well dressed,” Chief Medical Examiner’s Office Administrator Lindsey Chasteen said. “She had on her jewelry, which was nice jewelry. She has fairly extensive and expensive dental work.”

The woman was between 30 and 50 years old with tattooed eyebrows and a scar like she had a cesarean section. Her death appeared to be a suicide.

Chasteen said they put her DNA information through a FBI database, known as CODIS, for missing people. They ran her fingerprints through another FBI database in 2015, 2017 and 2021 because it is constantly updating. Her DNA information has also been uploaded to GEDMATCH. However, GEDMATCH is known to contain very little DNA information for Koreans. In any case, there have been no matches so far in any of these databases.

Her name is unknown and her family also is still unknown. As a result, a family someplace has a missing relative and they probably have no idea that she is deceased.

You can read more in an article in the WGME news web site at

If anyone thinks they recognize the woman or has any other information about her, they should contact the Portland, Maine Police Department.