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Our society is pleased to offer many free video classes including our special workshops below.

For our training videos before 2013, computer users will need the Windows Media Player (normally installed on computers with Windows xp, Vista, 7 or 8 systems) to watch the older videos below. The later training videos after 2013 don’t need an external video player.

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Analyzing Your Medical DNA (2019)
UCHealth Genetics Counselor Leslie Ross explains how your genelaogy DNA results can be used to analyze your medical history. Password is *LCGSmeddna* Program Length: 80 Minutes.

Honor Flight Tribute (2015)

Do you know about the Honor Flight program? Past member and WWII Navy veteran Boyd Johnson (1926-2018) explains his recent Honor Flight trip and how it helps to heal many veterans who have attended this great program! By the end of 2018, Honor Flight Northern Colorado sent nearly 3,000 veterans to Washington DC to visit all the military and other memorials. Program length: 32 minutes.

Visit our Tribute to Member Veterans webpage to learn more about our member veterans.


These videos are compliments of the Barefoot Genealogist, Gone Researching and Cousin Russ. Click on the screen, then on some videos, please select “Watch this video on YouTube.” The link will transfer you to the YouTube video. You can return by selecting your back arrow in the upper left corner of your web browser to return to our website. Videos may take up to 30 seconds to appear.

Family Tree Maker Intro 25 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker – What Is A Workspace? 14 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker – Plan Workspace 32 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker – People Workspace 32 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker – Places Workspace 28 min. (2012)

Family Tree Maker – Sources Workspace 20 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker – Media Workspace 15 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker Web Search Workspace 27 min. (2017)

Family Tree Maker Publish Workspace (2017)

To Be Announced Soon!

Using DNA In Your Genealogy (2014)

Instructor Art Morgan

Instructor Art Morgan presents an overview of DNA, his journey in locating his Morgan ancestors, and the three most popular DNA tests in Session One, Y & mtDNA tests in Session Two, and Autosomal DNA tests in Session Three.

Select the play button at bottom of the screen to view each video. Users can expand the screen by selecting the four arrows icon in lower right corner of the screen next to the Vimeo logo.

DNA Session One

Instructor Art Morgan discusses how and why DNA testing, his journey in locating his Morgan ancestors, and the three popular DNA tests and costs for genelaogists. Program length is 50 minutes.

DNA Session Two

Instructor Art Morgan discusses the Y DNA tests for males and mtDNA tests for females or males and test result comparisons. Program length is 51 minutes.

DNA Session Three

Instructor Art Morgan discusses the autosomal tests for either gender and test result comparisons. Program length is 35 minutes.

Genealogy Quest TV Series (2011/2012)

Our Genealogy Quest TV programs feature a different guest each month, who discuss specific genealogy or family history subjects. If you’re new to genealogy or need a refresher course, these programs will give all genealogists and family historians the latest research on locating and seeking additional information on your ancestors.

For a summary of our monthly programs, be sure to visit our Genealogy Quest TV Series programs on that webpage.

Who Do You Think You Are? (2011)

Our Annual Activities (2009)

  • Society Highlights for 2009: Entertaining summary of our society’s programs for the year 2009. Do you remember popular TV star Dean Martin’s famous show intro sliding down the pole? Besides that, this video covers all the great society volunteers, meetings, and events including our annual holiday party for that year. Program Length: 30 minutes.

Flip Pal Documentary Video (2011)

Narrator: Walt Grady

  • Flip-Pal Documentary
    Our society and Flip-Pal have produced a documentary on the Flip-Pal mobile scanner for genealogy applications. Narrator Walt Grady from the Flip-Pal Team presents several scanning applications while visiting the courthouse and a library in Fort Collins. Walt shows many benefits including the EasyStitch feature of this portable scanner for genealogists and family historians. Program length: 25 minutes

Digitizing Your Family History (2010)

Instructor: Marsha Knackstedt

  • Part 1: Introduction, types of media, scanners & digital cameras, sending projects from out of town, using home scanners, our services, restoring old film or tape, video editing, video and audio formats, organizing the project, examples of several customer projects, and additional editing tricks. Program length: 29 minutes.
  • Part 2: Making duplicates, sharing stories, scanning & printing at different resolutions, additional services & pricing options, rental equipment available, storing photos, scanning slides or negatives, editing very large photos or paintings, viewing film, slides, & negatives, paper quality, scanning prints and negatives, flexibility in doing total or partial projects, making it beautiful just for you, working with slides, comparing scanners, advantage in doing multiple projects at the same time, finding old media equipment or rent from me, large or small projects, how long will each technology last?, and editing old video tapes. Program length: 24 minutes.

Document and Photo Preservation & Conservation Workshop (2009)

Instructor: Kate Legg, Certified Archivist

  • Session 1: Introduction, agenda, the components of a photograph, cased photographs, uncoated paper process, albumen prints, gelatin prints, different photo formats, different sizes of prints, and photographic negatives. Program Length: 32 minutes.
  • Session 2: More on photographic negatives, research strategies, a photo dating exercise, common causes of deterioration, handling historic photos and documents, storing family treasures, preservation of photographs and negatives, storage boxes, different types of enclosures, and Gaylord and Other Archival Supply Catalogs. Program Length: 30 minutes.
  • Session 3: More on enclosures, Photographic Activity Test (PAT), preserving family papers, preservation of: newspaper clippings, cased photographs, glass plate negatives, lantern slides, acetate and polyester negatives, photographs on display, scrapbooks and albums, and repairing scrapbooks and albums. Program Length: 29 minutes.
  • Session 4: Conservation tips, digitization and disaster planning, digitization is for access only, what to digitally preserve, strategies for digital preservation, creating good images to share, using standard photograph formats, photo resolution comparison, preparedness and disaster planning, salvaging wet photos and documents, salvage priorities, disaster pack, mold issues, and questions from the audience. Program Length: 26 minutes.

Preservation Workshop handout

Scrapbooking Your Family History (2009)

Instructor: Linda Tapparo

  • Part 1: Introduction, today’s agenda, Why do scrapbooks?, preserving history, great for organizing memories, include all memorabilia, journaling jar, write full names, replace older magnetic and other type scrapbooks, explanation of paper elements, using acid free and lignon free pages and albums, using plastic album pages, tips on removing photos from older albums, and storing scrapbooks and photo albums. Time: 30 minutes.
  • Part 2: Linda’s comments on general scrapbooks, reative Memories main goals, newspaper clippings, using plastic sleeves to preserve documents or photos, photo issues and preservation, what to do with old photos before they fade?, using adhesives, Creative Memories testing labs, photo copying guidelines, what type of copying paper to use, sending photos out for printing, ordering book contents, family tree order, listing each generation, beware of bad family tree information, using colors in scrapbooks, including family stories, reducing document sizes, more on photos, what not to put in family scrapbooks, more on newspaper clippings, and photo frames. Time: 32 minutes.
  • Part 3: Scrapbook choices and sizes, Digital scrapbooks, different album sizes, Items to include in scrapbooks, gravestone rubbings, including other paper memorabilia, digital scrapbooking software, saving and recovering copies, adding photo info, power sort boxes, photo editing, removing red eyes, enhancing dark photos, eliminating unwanted backgrounds, simple photo cropping, correcting angled photos, selecting photos using timelines, Storybook creator software, Printing separate pages, Other handy tools, and Help with training. Time: 31 minutes.
  • Part 4: Time commitment, 2009 scrapbook costs, other vendor’s scrapbooks, Buyer be aware! What to do with unknown photos, I’m glad to help you with your scrapbooking needs!, Don’t toss or give away those old family photos!, special ink pens, and requesting a photo CD with film. Time 13 minutes.

Introduction To Genealogy (2009)

Instructor: Robert Larson

  • Session 1: Overview of genealogy, types of records, and primary record examples. Program Length: 30 minutes.
  • Session 2: More types of primary record examples. Program Length: 28 minutes.
  • Session 3: Non Government primary and secondary record examples, locating genealogy records, and using the Internet for research. Program Length: 29 minutes.
  • Session 4: Recording your genealogy, genealogy software, local genealogy research, genealogy societies, Larimer County Genealogical Society, and summary. Program Length: 18 minutes.

IrfanView Photo Editing & Image Viewer Software Training (2007)

Instructor: Paul Smith

  • Session 1: IrfanView Basics, Downloading IrfanView, Property Settings, Basic IrfanView Features, File Properties, and Digital Photo Types. Program Length: 29 minutes.
  • Session 2: Digital Photo Design, Cropping Pictures, New Photo Editing Features (Cloning Tool), Changing Photo Titles, Adding Borders, File Properties, Image Properties, Image Information, Batch Processing Text Info, File Menu Features, Backing Up Files, Large Genealogy Files, and More Editing Features (Orientation Methods). Program Length: 30 minutes.
  • Session 3: More Photo Editing Features (Custom Cropping), Windows xp Movie Maker 2 Software Intro, Using the Canvas Feature, More Cropping Features, Adding Picture Captions, Crop Feature Review, Using Googles’s Picassa Software, Comparing Picassa with IrfanView, Switching Between Picassa & IrfanView, Photo Effect Filters, and Summary. Program Length: 19 minutes.

Family Tree Maker Users Group presents Writing and Publishing Your Family History (2009)

  • Part 1: Writing Family Histories for Your Grandchildren presented by Boyd and Gwen Johnson.
    Speakers: Gwen & Boyd Johnson
    Local newspaper article on five writing myths busted, Myth #1–Where do I start writing, Myth #2–I’m too busy to write, Myth #3–I’m waiting to finish my research, Myth #4–But I’m not a writer, Myth #5–I don’t have time to write a book, Writing short stories, Writing for you grandchildren, Kevin Cook’s article, Study group reveals writing failure, New writing concept book for genealogists, Using step by step procedures, Family histories need more than basic facts, and Free family history workshops for members. Program length: 23 minutes.
  • Part 2: Creating Family Histories and Charts for Reunions presented by George and Hildy Morgan
    Speakers: George & Hildy Morgan
    Five Morgan family projects are covered: A pictorial history of Morgan family, photographic genealogy of Morgan descendants, Various pages from the Morgan family history book, other Morgan booklets, the Morgan photo calendar, the Swanson family history book, Generation Maps wall charts, digital photo frames, copyright issues, and Mended Memories software. Program length: 19 minutes.
  • Part 3: Creating Personal Family Histories presented by Dora Hildebrand.
    Speaker: Dora Hildebrand
    The Pioneer Association book experience, My ̴Looking Back̵ family history book, writing a memory book for my granddaughter, missing letters to granddaughter are found, the missing diamond, doing oral interviews, Spellbinder’s volunteer group, and WISE program. Program length: 17 minutes.
  • Part 4: Inspiring Genealogists to Create Family Stories presented by Jean Messinger.
    Speaker: Jean Messinger
    Introduction, don’t wait to write those stories, how technology affects family histories, personal heirlooms, telling stories that bring people to life, finding those interesting and remarkable stories, The OJ Simpson affair of 1900 in Wisconsin, writing personal stories in detail, creating family calendars, creating memories of your grandchildren, my publishing experiences, experiences from my recent book, ̴Same War – Different Battlefields̵, my mother’s legacy, and where to buy Jean’s books. Program length: 23 minutes.

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