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Besides all the FREE Internet databases listed below, we have listed many other Internet databases both FREE and fee based including the popular message boards and finding genealogy volunteer help by downloading our LCGS 2021 Popular Genealogy Websites.

Below are many of the popular Colorado and Larimer County databases for FREE!

Colorado Archived Newspapers
The Colorado Newspaper Digitization Project includes over 160 archived newspapers across the state from 1859 to 1923. Check back as more newspapers are to be added through 1963.

Colorado State Archives
The Colorado State Archives is the legal repository for selected historical and contemporary records and information generated by state and local governments in Colorado.
1313 Sherman, Room 1B20
Denver, CO 80203

Larimer County Assessor’s Property Records
Search by owner, address, parcel number, or unique id numbers.

Larimer Index of Recorded Documents
In Colorado, all documents affecting real property recorded in the office of the County Clerk ” Recorder of the county in which the real property is located. 1878 – current

Larimer County Voter Registration

The Voter Registration database contains all registered voters in Larimer County. Use this to find out if you’re registered to vote or not, the location of your polling place and the things you’re eligible to vote on.

Larimer County Property Taxes
The Property Taxes database maintained by the Treasurer’s office includes the current collecting year (prior actual year) of property taxes on either real estate, personal property or mobile homes. Note that Colorado collects property taxes a year in arrears and the latest information is for the current collection period.

Larimer County Street Inventory
The Street Inventory System (SIS) contains the names of all streets in Larimer County and its municipalities. The purpose of this system is to provide a central location for all names, prevent duplicate street names in the future, and allow only approved suffixes.

Fort Collins Local History Archive Collection
The Fort Collins History Archive Collection is an online collaboration between the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery and the Poudre River Public Library District, incorporating historical resources from the Library, the Archive, and the Museum artifact collection.

Colorado State Register of Historic Properties
The Colorado State Register of Historic Properties is a listing of the state’s significant cultural resources worthy of preservation for the future education and enjoyment of Colorado’s residents and visitors. Properties listed in the Colorado State Register include individual buildings, structures, objects, districts and historic and archaeological sites. The Colorado State Register program is administered by the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation within the Colorado Historical Society.

National Register of Historic Places The official list of the national historic places worthy of preservation. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service, which is part of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Or visit Larimer County section by selecting this link at View Larimer County Register

Fort Collins Buildings
This database presently contains a limited amount of architectural information from the archive’s collections.

Fort Collins Historic Preservation Project
When changes are sought on structures 50 years old or older, it triggers a review for historic resources. This step is designed to help preserve Fort Collins’ historic character, allow citizens to comment on changes, and for owners of eligible properties to hear about available financial incentives.

List of Designated Structures and Districts in the City of Fort Collins

Loveland Public Library
The Loveland Public Library has many databases including genealogy and history.

Poudre River Public Library District in Fort Collins
The Poudre River Public Library District has multiple databases including genealogy and history.

Larimer County Genealogical Society Databases
Our society has many Larimer County databases on cemeteries, census, land, marriage, divorce, and obituary records.

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