Feb 2, 2022

Genetic Marker Carried by Relatives of Robert the Bruce Is Identified

Scientists have found a distinct genetic marker carried by close relatives of Robert the Bruce, the king who freed Scotland from English rule.

Genealogy researchers from the University of Strathclyde have found the marker in male line descendants of the Bruces of Clackmannan, who were related to Robert the Bruce, King of Scots from 1306 to 1329.

Rollo Bruce, a retired textile research editor from Oxford, is one of those descendants who has taken a test and whose genes have the unique marker now named FTB15831.

Graham Holton, principle tutor on the university’s genealogical studies postgraduate programme, said: “Y chromosome DNA tests taken by male line descendants of two of Robert of Clackmannan’s sons, Robert and Edward, show that they both carry the marker FTB15831.

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