Aug 6, 2009

The Ghosts of Dowdy Lake

As many of you may know, Roger Long has been pursuing the mystery of the ghosts of Dowdy Lake up near Red Feather Lakes. He received an inquiry in June from a person in California regarding the murder of Mrs. Dowdy and her two children by her husband, Edward Dowdy between 1900 and 1910 and their bodies dumped into a nearby swamp. “Edward Dowdy was sentenced to hard labor. In particularly useful and just sentence, the local warden was tasked with forcing Edward to excavate the marsh where he had disposed of his family’s bodies, in an effort to give them a proper Christian burial and further the needs of local developers, who were still interested in a lake in that area.” Their ghosts are said to wander around the lake.

Roger recently got an email from Sarah Myers, Library Director of the Red Feather Lakes Community Library. Sarah was unable to find any reference Edward Dowdy or the supposed Dowdy murders. Dowdy Lake’s name appears to predate the timeframe suggested for the murders.

This coincides with the research done by Pat Walker at the Fort Collins Local History Archive. She was unable to find Edward Dowdy or family on any of the census and no newspaper account of the murder.

It looks like this is just another legend, although it does have a nice sound to it. There is only one reference to the Ghosts online (and possible the source of the legend?). You can read the article here, the author certainly has a way with words.

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