Oct 14, 2022

Google Fiber Launching 5 and 8 Gig Service in Early 2023 From $125/Month

Note: This article has nothing to do with the usual topics of articles published here (genealogy, history, DNA, current legal affairs, etc.). However, I expect that many computer users who read articles here may be interested in this:

Google Fiber has announced that it is launching 5 and 8 Gig service in early 2023. It continues a competitive ramp of activity and development from the Alphabet ISP in recent months.

Google Fiber will offer symmetrical upload and download speeds at 5 and 8 Gig. The 5 Gig plan will cost $125 per month, while it is $150/month for 8 Gig. It will come with a Wi-Fi 6 router (people can also use their own), up to two mesh extenders, and professional installation.

5 Gig will make it easier to upload and download simultaneously, no matter the file size. And 8 Gig will make sure that everything you are doing online is happening in near real time (without jitter and with low latency).

At the moment, 1 Gig (which launched in 2010) costs $70/month and 2 Gig from 2020 is $100. Those speeds are increasingly being offered by competing ISPs.

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