Oct 26, 2022

Google Is Giving Workspace Individual Subscribers a Big Storage Bump

Note: This article is not about any of the “normal” topics of this newsletter: genealogy, history, current affairs, DNA, and related topics. However, thousands of genealogists are taking my advice and storing backup copies of their valuable files “off site” in the cloud. This article is about a new announcement about a major increase in free cloud storage:

Since launching Google Workspace Individual last year, we’ve seen customers from around the world grow their businesses, connect with their customers in more meaningful ways, collaborate with partners, get organized and look more professional. Business owners have told us the familiarity of our tools helps them get more done. And today, we’re offering even more features for Workspace Individual users. We’re announcing an increase to storage capacity and advances in email personalization for all customers. We’re also expanding our regional availability to bring Google Workspace Individual to even more business owners around the world.

Grow your business – and the number of files you can store

Soon every Google Workspace Individual account will come with 1 TB of secure cloud storage. You don’t have to lift a finger to get the upgraded storage: Every account will be automatically upgraded from their existing 15 GB of storage to 1 TB as we roll this out.

As you grow your business, it’s only natural that you’ll have more docs, data and digital assets to manage and store, and Google Drive allows you to do so securely from any device. You can store over 100 file types in Drive, including PDFs, CAD files and images, and you can easily collaborate on and edit Microsoft Office files without converting them. Plus, Drive comes with built-in protections against malware, spam and ransomware so you don’t need to worry about accidentally opening the door to malware just by opening a doc.

Store over 100 file types in Google Drive

There are a number of other new additions and upgrades. You can read the entire announcement at:

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