Jul 19, 2023

Historic Weather

What was the weather on the day you were born? Other services will charge you money for that information but you can do the same thing free of charge on your computer.

Of course, you can check ANY date, not just the date you were born.

When your Dad talked about going out in that great blizzard, just how bad was it?  Wolfram Alpha has a number of helpful tools to answer your weather questions, including historical data from weather stations located all over the world.

For example, simply enter “weather” into the search bar, and Wolfram Alpha’s geoIP capabilities identify your approximate location and produce the latest records from your nearest weather station. The “Latest recorded weather” feature will display the current temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and conditions, such as clear, thunderstorms, or fog. 

To find historical weather information, simply go to and enter the word WEATHER followed by a date and a location. For instance:

weather September 6, 1978 Hanover, New Hampshire

Wolfram Alpha then returned the following:

The information appears to cover the US, Canada, and the UK. You may not have much luck for dates before the mid-1930s, depending on location.