Mar 26, 2021

How Researchers at BYU are Using Genealogy to Prevent Cancer

From an article by Mary Nickles and published in the KJZZ website:

A cutting-edge project at Brigham Young University uses family history and DNA research to prevent cancer.

“It’s definitely saving lives,” said Julie Stoddard. She and fellow researcher Jill Crandell are working on a public health initiative called “Connect My Variant.”

Stoddard and Crandall got involved when a researcher studying hereditary cancer, Dr. Brian Shirts at the University of Washington, started finding that people with the same genetic variant often shared a common ancestor, Crandell explained.

Shirts asked BYU’s Center for Family History and Genealogy to track down the family trees of those people, so relatives can be warned of cancers that commonly strike before screenings can catch them.

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