Jul 2, 2021

How to Legally Read E-Books for Free Without Pirating Them

If you use an e-reader of most any sort, you will want to read How to Read E-Books for Free Without Pirating Them published in the LifeHacker web site at: The article states:

“Depending on where you live, your library may already have an extensive collection of e-books available. For example, the New York Public Library (NYPL) allows New York residents to sign up for a digital library card and check out available titles. You can sign up online, create a username (usually your email address or member number), and enter a password. You’ll then have access to their library of e-books through the app SimplyE. Other library systems across the country may have similar programs; visit your local library’s website for more information.

“If a digital library card isn’t an option in your area, literary site Goodreads also published a short list of e-readers that are great for e-borrowing across the United States and Canada. Libby’s online readers’ app makes e-borrowing simple and links to your e-reader, Kindle, or Kindle app. The company OverDrive created Libby to link public libraries with readers for easy online borrowing; approximately 90% of libraries are reportedly connected to OverDrive and Libby, but you can search for participating libraries on their website to confirm this resource is available in your area.”

The article then goes on to describe several methods of borrowing books from various libraries, depending upon which software products the various libraries use.

Again, the article may be found at: