Oct 16, 2021

(+) How to Make Money from Your Genealogy Web Site

The following is a Plus Edition article written by and copyright by Dick Eastman.  

Disclaimer: I had to think for a while to decide if I even wanted to write about this topic. It is a bit controversial, and I am not sure that I approve of it for private web sites. However, the topic is timely, and I think you should be aware of this information, whether any of us approve of it or not. In fact, I think you should be aware of this so that you can understand why some sites are trying to obtain some of your money—and how. The information is provided here for your education only and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or a recommendation by me.

This week I will tell you how to make money from your genealogy web site. Yes, it is true: you can place genealogy data online about Aunt Gladys, Uncle Sylvester, and all the other outlaws in the family tree and even make a bit of money doing so. You will quickly ask, “How much money can I make?” I can only answer, “It all depends.” You might only make enough to buy a cup of coffee, perhaps not even at Starbucks’ inflated prices. Then again, rumors float around claiming that a handful of genealogy-related sites are making thousands of dollars per month.

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