May 26, 2023

(+) How to Make Money Selling Genealogy Information – Part III

In the first article in this series, I described how to create web sites and CD-ROM disks of genealogy information that others will be interested in purchasing. In the second article, I described how to advertise your products online and how to create a “web store.” This week I will address another requirement that can be more complex than the other two: how to collect the money.

For this week’s article, I will describe taking payment for CD-ROM sales. Payment collection for information on web pages and other “electronic delivery” of information will be described in a later installment. 

Obviously, you can require the buyer to send a check to you in the mail in a manner done by catalog orders for decades. However, that is old-fashioned in today’s online age. Anyone who demands payment by check undoubtedly will lose sales as potential buyers will look elsewhere for vendors who accept credit cards.

When a potential customer has a credit card and wishes to purchase your information, how do you convert that to money in your bank account?

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