Nov 26, 2021

How to Preserve and Share Grandma’s Recipes

Going digital can save time and money and keep family traditions alive.

An article by Ashley Memory in the Wired web site will interest anyone interested in preserving and/or sharing family recipes. She writes:

“When I inherited my late grandmother’s recipes, I wanted to keep them safe and eventually hand them down to my own family. I already had my own jumbled collection, including instructions dictated by Wilma herself, images saved on my phone, Word files on my computer, and more. So I set out to find a way to organize, preserve, and share this part of our family history with everyone.

“What I learned during my research tickled me as much as memories of Wilma’s pecan pie. Organizing these records would be much easier than I had anticipated, and the journey brings home cooks like me even greater rewards than I ever imagined. Going digital saves time and money, reduces waste, and best of all, allows you to eat more healthfully by planning ahead and choosing recipes that meet personalized dietary needs. Better yet, sharing recipes and connecting with epicures across the world helps us grow and improve, just in time for the holidays.”

She then goes on to write creating family cookbooks (with an option to publish them online), apps to help you get started, and ways of clipping new recipes from the web.

This will be interesting reading for the cook in the family at: