Sep 27, 2022

I May Be Off-line For a While

You may or may not know that I live in Florida. If you have been following the national news, you probably already know that a major hurricane is headed towards Florida right now. It has winds expected to peak at 140 miles per hour.

If the hurricane continues on its present path, my home and I will be quite some distance from the “eye” of the hurricane. We probably will receive heavy rain and 50 to 75 m.p.h. winds.

However, hurricanes are famous (or notorious) for not maintaining a steady path. They tend to wander around quite a bit.

If the hurricane changes course a bit to the east, the ‘eye” of the hurricane (the center of the storm) will probably go over or very near my house.

If the hurricane changes course a bit to the west, we will probably only receive some rain and perhaps 35 m.p.h. winds.

Regardless of the amount of rain and wind, experience has shown that we almost always lose electricity for an extended period of time during major hurricanes. I have a source of emergency power but the Internet provider’s lines are susceptible to falling tree limbs, uprooted trees, flooded lines, and other problems. In the last major hurricane of four years ago, I lost power for a week. Some neighborhoods not too far away were without power for two weeks. Without power, I cannot log onto the newsletter’s web site to post new articles.

So… this is warning that I might be able to log in for a week or two. Or maybe I will have no difficulty logging in at all. Or maybe I will experience something in between.

Like the old Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times.”

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